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Posted May 19th @ 11:56 pm by carmen

There’s no question that the career landscape has changed. Guy Kawasaki asks career columnist and author, Penelope Trunk about the biggest workplace myths and she explains why knowing yourself is the real key to a successful and fulfilling career.

“Know who you are and have the humility to understand that self-knowledge is a never-ending journey. Figure out how to do what you love, and you’ll be great at it. Offer your true, good-natured self to other people and you’ll have a great network.”

College graduates have more business skills and qualifications than they give themselves credit for, says the CareerJournal. Pulling off late night cram sessions, collaborating on assignments, updating their MySpace page, and participating in student activities equip students with transferable skills that recruiters are definitely looking for. With the help of a Microsoft recruiter, the article provides suggestions on how to translate those skills into resume friendly phrases:

“…working on class projects might become “cross team collaboration,” proficiency in Facebook and MySpace would probably sound better as “connecting with customers through new technologies” and study abroad might be called “global exposure and cultural savvy.”"

BusinessWeek’s Shelia Curran provides a four-step guide to discovering a career you love. Job seekers can find that perfect job, she says, “when it comes to finding a path to your ideal position, you’re the one in the driver’s seat.” And no matter where you are in your career – entry-level, midcareer, or executive – it’s never too late for a makeover.

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